Face up Design Brush Kronos


Maintain your natural beauty with this massage brush by Mitsuki.

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“Instead of wondering if you will someday be as beautiful and healthy as you desire, it is very important to be caring for yourself now. As a woman, I also shared similar thoughts. That is why I built up salons and developed products that bring out inner beauty and happiness to my clients. You cannot turn back time. I believe the key is to take care of your body now – in the moment.” – Mitsuki Hirakawa

The Face up Design Brush Kronos is a vibrating brush that works by massaging reflex points in your face, head, and neck to stimulate blood circulation and promote healthy regeneration of cells.

Use the Kronos Brush to massage your head:  First massage the next to the ear area, then the back of the head and the forehead. This will refresh you and help you clear your mind.

Use the Kronos Brush to massage your face:  Massage the face lines from the upper temple, to the jaw, then the chin. Achieving a small face is simple with a massage by Face up Design Brush Kronos every day!

Use the Kronos Brush to massage your neck and shoulders:  First massage your neck behind the ear, down to the back of the neck then to your shoulder area.

Use the Kronos Brush to promote hair growth:  Massage your scalp to stimulate blood flow and watch your hair grow in healthy and full.

You can use the Face up Design Brush Kronos to massage the body as well. From the stomach area to aid in digestion to the legs to promote blood flow and slimming.

Have you heard of the relationship between your brain and your gut health? When your brain is stressed for a long period of time, your gut will become stressed. That, in turn, will cause muscles to become tense and the body to become less efficient at creating new cells. Massage can help combat bodily and mental stress.


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