Face up Design

Face up Design Magic Essence

By internationally award winning cosmetic artist, Mitsuki Hirakawa




Developed by international cosmetic artist, Mizuki Hirakawa, this original essence formula lifts, brightens and improves skin elasticity. Face up Design Magic Essence uses natural ingredients that are safe to use on sensitive skin. Many satisfied customers have been astonished by the quick and consistent results.


Face up Design Magic Essence does not “make up” for what is lacking on your face, but rather, it awakens the sleeping beauty from within. That is why every one of any age can feel the result.


Face up Design works by targeting facial reflex zones to activate dormant skin cells and promote blood circulation, which in turn moves toxins and fresh oxygen through your skin. The results are not temporary and do not take months to achieve. If used consistently, Face up Design is proven to show lasting results.





When paired with a facial reflex point massage and the Face up Design Brush Kronos, users can achieve even more dramatic results.


See what customers are saying


“To be honest, I was skeptical, what can change in 15 seconds!? But I had an immediate effect the following day. My friends all commented on my weight loss when actually, the change was from Face up Design. It made me happy that I could recommend such a great product to my friends!” – Anonymous Customer


If used consistently, Face up Design is proven to show lasting results.


This was my first time! It was amazing. I looked closely in the mirror – how did I change so much? Skincare has become so much fun.” – Anonymous Customer


“It’s been a month since I started using the essence. My skin is noticeably lighter and my face looks lifted. My once saggy eyes are now youthful, my minor wrinkles are now smooth. So glad to see quick results!” – Anonymous Customer