Face up Design Brush Kronos

The Face up Design Brush Kronos gives your results on the spot! Feel more relaxed at home with the vibrating targeted pressure point brush. Alleviate shooulder, head, neck, and facilal muscle stress by pressing the brush into your skin.

In our modern age, we are constantly bending over our phones and hunched over our computers causing us headaches, muscle bulkiness, and dull skin. Massaging the large and small muscles can be tricky but with the Face up Design Brush Kronos, hitting all the pressure points is an easy task.

Each brush nub targets many points on your skin at once in order to get rid of stress. 

Designed by Mizuki Hirakawa with advanced facial slimming massage in mind, the brush is meant to fit easily on many parts of your body.

Instead of getting hung up on wondering if you will ever be as beautiful as you want, take control today and focus on massaging your stress away!


Mitsuki Hirakawa Demonstration

Mitsuki Hirakawa demonstrates the use of Face up Design Brush Kronos. Audio Japanese only.