About Mizuki Hirakawa

A message from Mizuki

“I have created an original method to slim the face. It is not the same as traditional massage and beauty methods. Combine my massage method, beauty products, and routine to awaken your beauty from within. My product line, the Face up design series, helps people of all ages awaken beauty from the inside and feel the effect on the spot.

My original method salon is a non-surgical fast-acting lift-up facial care, salon, based in Tokyo, Japan. It attracts thousands of customers a month and the fast-acting original massage method has a positive international reputation.

One of my missions is helping people feel beautiful and healthy. I have moved from Japan to California to spread happiness and smiles to the world through my beauty knowledge and original methods. I established THEONE activate in order to open a salon in West Hollywood to provide professional facial care, skin care, hair, massage and all beauty.

I founded THEONE activate with this in mind:  I am the only one who can do what I do. So I will start here and actively spread the knowhow that only I can spread.

My goal is to spread beauty and health through THEONE activate from West Hollywood, California to the whole world.”


About Mizuki

In February of 1998, Mizuki Hirakawa started working as a professional beauty consultant for Japanese esthetic salon, TWIN FACE. Three months after working for TWIN FACE, the shop was awarded one of the top 50 beauty esthetic consultant salons in Japan. 

Mizuki’s professionalism and skills grew and she soon became the salon manager in 1999, where she mastered her craft for the next 10 years. She opened her own eyelash and relaxation salon in 2009 in Shinjuku, Japan, one of Tokyo’s most visited areas full of pop culture, fashion, and upscale city life. Just one month after opening, the salon had over 300 customers. That number increased to 1000 customers per month in 2010.

Mizuki has been practicing as a private masseuse specializing in facial slimming massage in tandem with her beauty consultant career. She opened a facial slimming massage salon, Kronos, in Shinjuku in 2014 and was in such high demand, that clients had to book 3-6 months in advance. Yet, they were still increasing! 

Kronos was praised as the number one ranking facial salon in Japan for two years in a row on Japanese lifestyle magazine, OZmall. Mizuki opened salons in Shinjuku, Omotesandō Hills, and in several plazas. Her salons are internationally famous facial slimming massage salons. Mizuki released her own original product, Face up Design Magic Essence, is highly praised by contestants of Miss Universe. Mizuki’s mission is to use her knowledge of facial slimming and massage to enhance the lives of her clients.